Modderman Service, Inc., Now A

“Destination” Shop, Expands To

New Mountain View Location

Your favorite Porsche service repair shop, Modderman Service, has officially made the move from the venerable Old Middlefield Way facility, to a newer, much larger one, just down the road a “piece” at 2599-B Wayondotte Street. The old locale served as a very good “home” since it’s inception in 1974, for both technicians and clients. So why the change after 42 good years?

“We completely outgrew the old shop years ago and were somewhat inhibited by the lack of space,” says second-generation owner/technician David Modderman. “One example was with the newer, fairly large Porsche SUVs, which further cramped the garage since most of these vehicles need to have the bumpers removed in order to service them.” Moving to a larger building was inevitable.

Porsches We Service

Autos From 1956 To The Present

Modderman Service is your one-stop Porsche shop. Not only can they service your pre-A 356, they can service any Porsche 911, 944, 968, GT-2 and GT-3 models, plus Boxster, Cayman, Cayenne, Panamera, David says, “We have trained eyes that have seen the same types of cars day in and day out for 45 years — 45 years as a specialty family business. Detailed knowledge has been handed down from one generation to the next .”

Aside from their expertise, Modderman Service possesses all the latest in tools, hardware (the most sophisticated Porsche scanner) and software necessary for maintaining your Porsche. And when it comes to replacement parts, Modderman Service of Mountain View only uses high-quality factory auto parts for your vehicle.

For newer Porsches, David and the technicians are privy to all the latest factory information — including updates — which allows clients to bring their newer autos to the Porsche service facility for all its service and repairs.

Cool, New Features —

“We Want to

Wow Our Clientele”

The first thing that new and returning customers will notice when they walk in the front door entrance is the spacious customer service office. “We installed a window in the office so our clients can see what’s going on in the garage,” says David. “The front office features tile flooring which is great because it’s easy to keep clean.

A neat addition is the curved wall I built; it’s supposed to simulate driving through the ‘S’ at Sears Point or any race track.”

Down the hallway David plans on putting in a display of his model car collection; most of the cars are Porsches and has more than 1,000 of ’em — which should be an amazing exhibition! Lest we forget, off to the right in the front office sits the clean, customer restroom.

Great Expectations!

Porsche Service Repair Specialists

I want returning customers to feel right at home with their first visit,” says David, “and be so impressed they’ll tell friends and family, ‘My Porsche shop is really nice; I’m really looking forward to going there.’ I want Modderman Service to be a destination shop: if someone stops by just to look at the model cars, that’s fine by me.”

Much More Parking

And Garage Storage

Gone are the days — the old shop — when bumper-to-bumper parking was the norm. “Our new driveway is huge,” says David. “The flow is easier and there’s no backing out — slow, slow, and slower which was a necessity in our old driveway. We also have 25 parking spots; that’s 18 more that we had previously!” Modderman Service had always garage-stored vehicle’s at night to protect them from the elements and as well as vandalism. The new expansive garage can comfortably store 20 cars. Talk about space!

More Space Equals

Greater Efficiency

Modderman Service’s new location adds another 2,000 square feet overall to the operation; the work area is huge, and the offices are comfortable as is the employee break room. In addition 1,000 square feet of spacious mezzanine is now the parts department. “In a word we’ve become more efficient,” says David. “Each technician is assigned to two hoists which quickens the turnaround time on service and repairs.

We plan on having a work bay that will be used only for simple services such oil and filter changes and tire installation, to name a couple. We’ll be able to get our customers in and out rather quickly.”

Clients From Mountain View, Saratoga, Los Gatos, Cruz, Scotts Valley, San Jose, Campbell,

Los Altos, Palo Alto, Sunnyvale, Menlo Park, Burlingame, San Carlos, Redwood City, Morgan Hill, Cupertino, Newark, Fremont, San Mateo, Oakland, Daly City, South Bay, North Bay, East Bay, South San Francisco, and San Francisco, rely on Modderman Service for all of their vehicles manufacture factory recommended services – the same as the dealership provides – which keeps one’s new-car warranty intact. Our shop’s expert technicians perform precise service and repairs to all Porsche vehicles in the friendliest of environments. How does it get any better? It doesn’t!
We service: 356, 911, 914, 912, 968, 944, Cayman, Boxster, Panamera, Cayenn,e GT-2, GT-3, GT-4, Carrera Macan.

Modderman Service has been providing high-quality meticulous service and repairs since 1971:

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