Cooling System Service

Cooling System Service

David adding factory Porsche coolant.

Servicing Your

Porsche’s Cooling System

Porsche states for models 1997 and up, that auto’s coolant is a lifetime fluid that never needs changing. However, shop owner and Porsche specialist technician David Modderman has a different opinion. “The coolant should be changed every six years,” he says, “to prevent a build up of chemical electrolysis in the cooling system which can lead to metal fatigue and components, like the engine case and radiator, wearing out prematurely.”

David further recommends that a Porsche water pump be replaced every 10 years or 50,000 miles. The water pump’s impeller, made of plastic, is what pumps water throughout the cooling system. The plastic impeller will deteriorate over time (and miles). If it does falls apart, it can be pumped throughout the motor getting stuck in the passageway of the cylinder head — you’ll now be faced with a major repair. The bottom line is you do not want your water pump failing!

During a visual inspection, technicians will look at the water pump, the engine drive belt, and with regular services, the front radiators: they’ll be checked making sure they’re clean and free of debris and not rubbing against the bumper or radiator inlet ducts, and that no stone or pebble has been kicked up from the road and is lodged in the radiator.

“With a visual inspection, we’ll also look at the temperate gauge and check that the reservoir bottle is not leaking,” says David. “When driving, if you ever notice the temp gauge is remaining hot (in the upper range), quickly find a safe spot to pull over and turn off the ignition. You need to figure out why your car is running hot. So please free to call us, and we’ll assist you anyway we can.”

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