Tips & Quick Fixes

Tips & Quick Fixes

David assuring a customer that her sunroof leak’s are no more!

Quick Fixes – Your Porsche Sunroof

Let The Sunshine In, Not The Rain

Do you have a particular problem with your car’s sunroof? If so, have Modderman Service of Mountain View will check it out. In fact, because of their all-around Porsche expertise, body shops have turned to Modderman Service for sunroof and other Porsche-specific issues.

If you notice water or “mysterious” leaks inside your car, it may be coming from the sunroof. With a service inspection, technicians will check to see if the drains are plugged, which can cause leaks, and, of course, they’ll clear any debris that may be clogging up the drains.

Technicians will also check the condition of the sunroof felt seals. If the seals are loose and need to be replaced, they’ll be glued to the original position.

A common issue with sunroofs is with them not opening properly — over time they may cock to one side or another as they open or close. The problem may be a broken and cable or two, and they’ll be replaced and adjusted as needed.

David refering to the owners manual to answers a customer’s question.

Quick Tips

Consult Your Owners Manual

If you have a question about how something works with car, you’ll probably find the answer in your Porsche’s owners manual. Could be your wondering what some of the dashboard lights are for, or what’s the correct tire pressure.

Well, you’ll find that info in the manual. The owners manual if a great reference guide for all your car’s “bells and whistles.”

What might be confusing about the owners manual is, at times, it may be referring to certain operations of another Porsche model that do not come with your car.

David says, “But if you stick with the manual, you will find the info you’re looking for such as how to check the engine oil and fluid capacities and where they go, the optimal weight of your motor oil, the correct tire pressure, and much more.”

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