Factory Recommended Services

Factory Recommended Services

Technician Nate checking the auto’s oil level, making sure its been topped off after performing it’s annual oil and filter change.

You Can Turn To Modderman Service

For All You’re Porsche’s Factory Recommended Services

Gone are the days — up until the mid-1970s — that California drivers had to take their autos to a dealership for factory recommended services. So you know Modderman Service possesses all the necessary equipment and software, in order to perform all services which keep your new-car warranty intact. They’re also privy to the latest manufacturer updates. “We, of course, charge less than the dealer and have the same capabilities,” says David. “We also never skip steps or take shortcuts. We perform a lot of milage interval services; we’re performing a 40K for this 2010 Panamera S.”

A complete 40K service includes: changing the spark plugs, air filter, cabin filter and oil filter, and adding fresh engine oil. Technicians will also inspect the driveline, the braking system, plus the tires, wheels, and all lights. They will also clear all codes, if necessary, after scanning in the diagnostic codes. The final step is a road test but not before checking all fluids and topping them off where needed.

David points out that if they find anything faulty while a vehicle’s being serviced and it’s covered by the warranty, he informs the client that they can take their auto to any Porsche dealership to rectify the situation. As a convenience, David can personally orchestrate such matters himself. “Many of our clients appreciate the more personal interaction they get at our shop,” he says. “Hey, were also more fun than the dealership! And just like the dealer, after we complete any factory recommended maintenance service, we’ll sign and date each service in your service manual.”

Modderman Service has been providing high-quality meticulous service and repairs since 1971:

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