Rebuilding Transmissions

Rebuilding Transmissions

A rebuilt Porsche transmission is ready to be installed.

Modderman Service To The Rescue

Rebuilding Your Porsche Transmission

Since day 1, Modderman Service has been rebuilding manual transmissions for all Porsche models. What’s more is they’re one of only a few shops in Northern California who rebuild transmissions for late-model Boxters and 966s — other than Modderman Service, no other shop has invested in the necessary tools and equipment which are needed for these late-model transmission rebuilds.

So what are the telltale signs that your car’s transmission is starting to wear? Is there noise emanating from the transmission? Is it starting to pop out of gear? When you go to shift does it go into gear slower than normal? If your car’s transmission shows any these signs, it’s probably time to rebuild it.Wondering what’s involved in rebuilding a transmission? First, owner David and the technicians will remove the transmission from the car.

Next, they’ll disassemble the gear box and inspect the gears, the synchros, the operating sleeves, and bearings. From there, they’ll replace any worn parts, clean everything up, reassemble the transmission, make adjustments, and add fluid, before finally re-installing the transmission.

So you the know the alternative to a transmission rebuild is to have the dealership order a factory-built one from Germany and install it. Sure, you can go that route. But if you would like to save a small bundle of cash, you can do yourself a big favor by first speaking to the expert, Porsche transmission rebuilders of Modderman Service.

Modderman Service has been providing high-quality meticulous service and repairs since 1971:

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