Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment

In order to perform a quality Porsche alignment,
it all starts with having superior equipment.

Experience speaks volumes when it comes to
achieving precise, Porsche alignent settings.

Porsche Wheel Alignment

When Modderman Service Typically Performs
and/or Checks the Wheel Alignment

Maintaining proper alignment is fundamental to preserving both your car’s safety and its tread life. Wheel alignments ensure that all four wheels are consistent with each other and are optimized for maximum contact with the surface of the road.

At Modderman Service, when technicians check your auto’s alignment, they’ll inspect all the wear parts making sure nothing is bent, worn or broken, before performing a wheel alignment.

There are numerous instances when Modderman Service technicians will want to check a vehicle’s wheel alignment — see below — to verify if everything is within spec. It’s important to know that an inspection doesn’t automatically equate to performing a wheel alignment.

New Tires

“Unlike some services that call for various maintenance services at milage intervals, this is not the case for wheel alignments,” says David. “When a customer is replacing tires, we’ll first check the tire wear of the old tires — that may reveal whether the vehicle is in need an alignment, or not.”

Hitting A Pot Hole

If you run over a big pot hole — never a good feeling for body or car! — you may want to have Modderman Service check your Porsche’s alignment.

Hitting A Curb

If your auto bumps a curb fairly hard, you may want to have Modderman’s technicians inspect wheel, tires, and alignment parts.

The Track

“If you are going to run your car on the track, you’ll definitely want to make an appointment,” says David. “This situation calls for a different type of alignment because racing will be harder on your tires. We can set ride, height, and corner balance the car to get the best handling performance for you!”

Vehicle Pulling/ Driving “Funny”

While in motion, if your car appears to be pulling either left or right and the tires are wearing evenly, your auto should be checked to see if there’s an alignment issue, or if there’s another reason for the pulling action.


If your Porsche has become harder to steer, one way or the other, you will want Modderman’s technicians to look at your car. The “hard steering” could very well be an alignment issue, or quite power steering possibly suspension-related. David says, “You may want to have your vehicle towed into our shop as this could be a safety issue.”

“Floating” Down the Road

If you’ve ever driven or been a passenger in a big old Cadillac or Lincoln Continental, you may recall that these type of older and heavy luxury vehicles could cause a floating-like sensation. So, if your smaller lighter Porsche seems to be floating while driving, this could be a sign that your shocks and struts may be worn causing your auto to be out of alignment.

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